CRU TV Bike Limited Warranty
Last Updated: Nov 5, 2021
Blue Eye Digital Pte. Ltd ("CRU TV") provides the following Limited Warranty for any purchase of the CRU TV Bike ("the Bike"). Please note that all physical repairs and exchanges covered under the Limited Warranty only apply within Singapore. If you are overseas, there may be fees incurred in the shipping of certain parts, should they be required.
By purchasing or using your CRU TV Bike, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Limited Warranty ('Limited Warranty") as set forth below. Do not purchase or use the Bike until you have read the terms of the Limited Warranty. If you do not agree to the terms of the Limited Warranty, do not purchase or use the Bike.
The following Limited Warranty applies only to non-commercial in-home, indoor use of the Bike. Any other use of the Bike shall void this Limited Warranty. During the applicable Limited Warranty periods described below, the covered components of the Bike will be free of defects or malfunctions during normal use. Certain exclusions apply, as further described in this Limited Warranty.
CRU TV warrants the Bike to be free from defects in workmanship and material, when used in accordance with CRU TV’s published guidelines and only for indoor, at-home, non-commercial use, for the following periods (as applicable, the "Warranty Period"):
  • HD Touchscreen: 1 year
  • Bike Frame: 2 years
  • Hardware Parts (excluding Bike Frame): 12 months
The Limited Warranty only covers defects in workmanship or material discovered within the applicable Warranty Period described above, and shall be measured from the date of original delivery of the Bike. The Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of any part of the Bike and it is imperative that the user maintain any component parts and inspect the Bike regularly for any damage, loose parts or other signs of wear and tear that could cause breakdowns or part failures.
Exclusions and Limitations
The Limited Warranty shall be void to the following:
  • Damage or equipment failure caused by operating the Bike outside CRU TV’s guidelines, including but not limited to the information, instructions and warnings contained in our user manuals, safety instructions, technical specifications and/or service communications;
  • Damage or equipment failure caused by improper or negligent assembly, maintenance, installation, tampering, relocation, repair (other than as caused by CRU TV’s service providers) of the Bike, or use with a third-party component, part or product not made available for use with the Bike by CRU TV;
  • Damage or equipment failure caused by accident, abuse, improper or abnormal use, neglect, liquid contact, theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, freezing or any other natural disasters or acts of God, power reduction, fluctuations or failures from whatever cause, unusual atmospheric conditions, collision, introduction of foreign objects, or modifications that are unauthorized or not recommended by CRU TV;
  • Damage or equipment failure caused by normal wear and tear or normal aging of the Bike;
  • Cosmetic damage and protective coatings, including but not limited to scratches, dents, corrosion, rust, discoloration of materials or any other change in cosmetic appearance that does not affect use of the Bike;
  • Personal injury or property damage as a result of any attempt to move or repair the Bike from its original delivery location. Such actions by you or your agents will be undertaken at your own risk and CRU TV shall have no liability for any injury to person or property arising from such attempted moves or repairs;
  • Modifications to the Bike, including to alter functionality or capability (unless done by an authorised CRU TV service provider), or if any serial number has been removed or defaced from the Bike;
  • Operation of software, regardless of whether it was sold with or embedded with the Bike. CRU TV does not warrant that the operation of the Bike or any software will be uninterrupted, secure, or free of errors, viruses, or other harmful components;
  • Poor internet connectivity;
  • Any Bikes that CRU TV reasonably believes to be stolen, counterfeit, or resold;
  • Any other exclusions or limitations described elsewhere in the Limited Warranty.
The following be covered by the Limited Warranty:
  • The original purchaser of the Bike or gift recipient of the Bike. The Bike must remain in the possession of the original purchaser, or, in the case of a gifted Bike, the owner of the original membership attached to that Bike. This Limited Warranty is not transferable.
  • Should there be a defect in the Bike or a warranted component within the applicable Limited Warranty period, the purchaser’s sole remedy is for CRU TV to, at CRU TV’s discretion to the extent permitted by law, either replace or repair the defective or malfunctioning Bike or component with the same or a comparable model.
  • Any replacement or repaired component shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty period or 30 days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period required by applicable law.
Getting Help
Should you face any issue with your Bike, please follow these steps to troubleshoot:
  1. Write in to or drop us a text/call at +65 9677 6998. One of our bike consultants will get in touch with you to do a phone consultation.
  2. If the matter cannot be resolved over the phone, our bike consultant will arrange a date to come down to investigate the issue (within Singapore only).
  3. The bike consultant will repair or replace any damaged or faulty part within his/her discretion as provided under this Limited Warranty (within Singapore only).
Extended Warranty
Extended warranty coverage is available for purchase. For more information, please inquire at
Obtaining Warranty Service
Upon delivery of your Bike and after you have inspected your Bike for any non-conformity or defect and found it to be satisfactory, your Limited Warranty period will commence from the date of delivery. No registration is required.