How much does the CRU TV Bike cost?
The CRU TV Bike costs $3,800 SGD.
What is included in the purchase of a bike?
Every CRU TV Bike purchase comes with a bike mat, a set of weights and 12-month subscription to CRU TV.
Do you have installment plan options?
Yes we do! You may drop us an email at hello@crutvofficial.com to find out more about payment options.
Do I have to install the CRU TV Bike myself?
You will not have to install the CRU TV Bike yourself! Our CRU TV consultant will have the bike set up and ready for you upon delivery. All you need to do is adjust the bike to your height settings, and you are ready to go!
Does the new bike need to be connected to wifi?
Yes, it does!
Can the tablet be removed?
The tablet comes attached to the CRU TV bike and you will not be able to remove it. However, the tablet can be flipped 180 degrees to let you transition seamlessly between cycling, floor-based cardio and strength workouts!
Difference between old bike and new bike?
The new CRU TV Bikes comes equipped with a 21.5 inch rotating touchscreen for streaming cycling, boxing, yoga, and HIIT workouts. The touchscreen also has a stats page that lets you track your progress with post-workout statistics,
The CRU TV Bike also has magnetic resistance modulation for low maintenance, a power meter to measure distance, power output and cadence, and spring lift assist for easy height adjustment.
What is the warranty for the CRU TV Bike?
Your CRU TV Bike comes with a limited warranty for your indoor, in-home, non-commercial use for the following periods:
  • HD Touchscreen: 1 year
  • Bike Frame: 2 years
  • Bike Hardware Parts (excluding Bike Frame): 12 months
Is there maintenance for my CRU TV Bike?
Your CRU TV Bike comes with a 1 year warranty. If you find any issues with your bike, you may drop us an email at hello@crutvofficial.com and our CRU TV consultant will schedule an appointment to assist with any issues you may be facing with your bike.
I currently own a CRU Bike. Are there trade-in options if I want to get a CRU TV Bike?
Yes there are! All you need to do is top up a total amount of $1,000 SGD. Drop us an email at hello@crutvofficial.com and we will assist you with your trade-in.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to Singapore, but we are working on international shipping and will be able to deliver to other parts of SouthEast Asia soon!